About Us

We believe that when we are connecting with our colleagues, engaging in harmonious relationships and making decisions that are balanced between our heads and hearts, we thrive and our business thrives.

Teagan Fea Director

Mindfulness Works Facilitator

Workplace Health & Wellness Leadership Coach

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

16 years experience delivering workplace wellness programs

Mindful Business NZ was launched in 2016 by Teagan Fea. Teagan returned to NZ in 2015 after 20 years abroad living in the UK, Melbourne & Mexico.

Teagan understands the challenges faced by todays corporations and organisations. Her extensive background in business includes roles in IT Project Management, IT Training, Change Management and Policy Writing. She is also a qualified Yoga Teacher & has taught yoga and meditation for over 16 years. She also holds a qualification in Workplace Health & Wellness Leadership.

She is a trainer for Mindfulness Works NZ and in the past year has delivered training to over 1500 students.

“One of my greatest joys is to see people and organisations thrive and the impact this has on our communities. All while realising that we can harness our minds to achieve greatness in our personal and professional lives.”

For 12 years, she was the Director of Wise Living Australia, a company that provided comprehensive mindfulness workplace training for Australian organisations and companies including Sensis, Slater and Gordon Solicitors, Autoliv, Dandenong City Council & The Arts Center.

Since she has been back in NZ she has delivered mindfulness programs to Natures Nest Childcare Centre, the Generalist PR & Recreate NZ. She is also a qualified Workplace Trainer and Assessor.

Our Values

Mindful Business NZ is dedicated to offering the best training in Mindfulness to workplaces in the private and public sector in NZ. Our facilitators have experience in business as well as in facilitating mindfulness training.


Collaboration, engagement, heart, inspiration, professionalism, education, relationship building, grounding in science, personal & professional development. Honesty and integrity

“Our vision is to help people to find a greater sense of contentment by increasing self-awareness, leading to better life choices for individuals, families and communites. We believe that because we spend so much time at work, it is important to build businesses and organisations that foster a greater sense of wellbeing.

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