Why Mindfulness?

Our brains have an incredible capacity for clear and focused thinking; the type of thinking that gives you unique, innovative ideas and lifts your performance to the next level. For most of us this capacity is not fully realised. Mindfulness is the key that unlocks this potential.

Today, the average attention span is only 3 minutes. 10 years ago it was 12 minutes. Office workers self-interrupt or are interrupted every 3 minutes and on average, employees visit Facebook 21 times a day & check emails 74 times each day (Glora Mark- Professor & Wall Street Journal). This wasted time and a lack of clarity costs businesses millions each year.

Studies have shown that practicing Mindfulness, even for just a few weeks, can bring physical, psychological, and social benefits. Compelling scientific and anecdotal evidence has found that people are better able to cope with the stresses of modern professional life when they learn and regularly practice Mindfulness.

There are many big businesses that have invested in Mindfulness training. Here are some results from companies who have implemented Mindfulness training:

General Mills

After a 7-week Mindfulness and meditation program:

  • 83% of participants said they took time every day to optimise their productivity
  • 80% of senior executives reported that they had improved their decision-making after the course
  • 89% said they had become better listeners.

Aetna Insurance

After a 12 week Mindfulness course, participants reported:

  • 28% decrease in stress levels
  • 20% improvement in sleep quality
  • 19% reduction in pain
  • Gained an extra 62 minutes in productivity
  • These improvements were estimated to be adding a value of $3,000/employee a year (Gelles, 2015)
  • Employee health costs were lowered by $2000 per employee


After a Mindfulness course participants reported:

  • Improved creativity, well-being and focus
  • Decreased levels of stress
  • Stronger enthusiasm in projects and meetings